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Stack Fiddle - Now up on github

Having published Stack Fiddle last night at about 3:00am (GMT), I figured that it would have been a good time to go to bed. I wrote the blog post and posted it on Twitter for the whole world to see. Then it was bed time.

Now I’ve just created a Stack Fiddle project on github* with the source for all to see and play (and report issues). I’m new to git and github so if you know of anything that I could be doing better then let me know. I had a quick look at licences to try and allow something that gave the most flexibility - finally choosing the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 licence. Again, if anyone has any points to make about it then let me know.

Some of you keen eyed people will probably notice that Stack Fiddle is up to v1.0.3 from v1.0.0 last night. What’s all that about? Well, I was eager to get in some ideas that I had overnight and I just couldn’t wait. The main thing is that Stack Fiddle will now only work on a list of tags rather than every code block on the site. I’ve put in a default list for JavaScript related ones but this is customisable through the options page. So far, my mini releases have been:

  • 1.0.3: Added license and readme
  • 1.0.2: Tag restrictions - StackFiddle will only work for given tags (customisable!).
  • 1.0.1: Initial commit into git. Changed the main script to be non minified in preparation for github

So go! Play. Tell your friends about it. Tell me about it. Tell me about your holiday plans. I don’t mind. Remember to let me know of any features you want - or just fork the git repository if you think you have anything cool that can be added.

Note: Please remember that I did say this was posted up at 3am. I wrote it and tested it and thought it was good enough to publish. The 3am time does mean a possibility of inefficient and uncommented code (we can’t be perfect all the time!). This will be tidied - I promise :)