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Stack Fiddle - Now across all the Stack Exchange sites

Today was Stack Fiddle’s first day in the wild and it seems to have been received incredibly well. Thanks to everyone who sent me suggestions and comments about it.

So now it’s up to version 1.0.4. 1.0.5 Yeay! (I messed up the manifest)

Today has been a busy day:

  • I posted it on StackApps
  • Created the github project
  • Added two features that were requested:

    • Enable/Disable the context menu (it now only appears on StackExchange sites)
    • Enable Stack Fiddle on all the Stack Exchange sites
  • Only display on pages with certain (customisable) tags
  • Tidied up the code to make it a bit

So yeah, if you have any suggestions for Stack Fiddle - just get in touch! I’m interested in hearing everything - comments, suggestions, bug reports or anything that you think would just be fun to know.

Download the updated version for free on the Google Web Store