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Photo Rotator - Great first day!

Hello everyone in internet land!

I just wanted to say a great big thanks to all the people that downloaded Photo Rotator in it’s first day. Yesterday 442 of you downloaded it!

Thank you to everyone! Especially all of you that have emailed with thanks and suggestions for updates. If anyone else has any suggestions or anything then please email [email protected] .

I’ve added a donation button to my page. I will keep Photo Rotator as a free application but anyone is more than welcome to make a donation so I’m able to eat :) If you really like the application and would like to donate then please just press the ‘Donate’ button on my pages.

If you really like the application but don’t want to donate then that’s fine too. You can even just send me an email with suggestions and I’d be happy with that too :)

Thanks again to everyone! Please tell your friends and family :)

Jonathon Bolster