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Photo Rotator 0.5 now in the App Store

Hurrah! My very first App Store application has been released today. That is the Photo Rotator.

It’s a very small program with one purpose only, and that’s to rotate photos! Open the application, choose a picture, press a few buttons and the new photo is rotated.

Why do it? Well, I received a message containing a photo I wanted to set as my background. Problem was that the photo had the wrong orientation, so it would only show up sideways. I looked on the app store for similar programs and found some - but they charged for it!

It’s an incredibly simple program with a feature that should have been built in which is why I made one and it’s free. No charge, ever. Although, if you really like it then please feel free to donate by pressing the button at the side of this page (thank you).

Download Photo Rotator from the App Store

If you have any questions, bugs, comments then please email [email protected]