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Sitting in Rome

Finally got to rome after a shoddy time in Milan. I think the general phrase from Milan is:

Milan is rubbish

It’s just not a great place. I think we were definitely missing something but I have yet to find out what. We had arrived about 8am or so on Sunday morning and I think it was roughly 15 minutes before we figured it was crap. Did give it a chance though but it just turned around and slapped up in the face. Some bits and pieces weren’t completely horrible. Certain things in Milan that were cool:

  • Had a coffee at Gucci (I appear to have started drinking coffee)
  • Seen a ‘fast car’ rally or so, with loads of fancy looking cars. It seemed to either be young guys driving or else a really old guy with a young girl…
  • There was a concourse thing (not sure if that’s the word) but it had a big curved glass roof.
  • Some of the shops were cool too - we found loads of ‘temporary’ shops which seemed to mean discount. Though the fashion of Milan looked a bit crappy

The metro wasn’t that cool though but I think its still something to mention as the underground aircon system was actually just a system of what appeared to be desk fans with hosepipes that sprayed water every so often. Hostel wasn’t that fantastic either, we had decided pretty early in the day that we thought it was rubbish (like the rest of Milan) and that everyone was just grumpy old sod’s with the whopping great big bitch of a receptionist that told us that there was no more internet so we couldn’t even find another hostel online. Next morning we just decided to leave the hostel (they didn’t even ask why) and went to the train station and found a sleeper train to rome… our justification for it was that it actually worked out cheaper to do that than the taxi, etc would have cost.

And now we’re in Rome. We started off the day by doing a bus tour thingy which was alright - Will made friends with some Americans in the queue and we found that the whole thing about the sarcasm was true, when Will stated that ‘I find it really good that there are so many people in Italy that can speak Italian’ and they agreed. Tomorrow we’re off to the Vatican to see the pope… Should be fun. I want to high five the pope… but it probably wont work.

I’m hoping that this will save because knowing Italy I’ll try to post it but all the pushy Italians will jump in front of me for the bandwidth. I hope the Internet doesn’t cease to exist like it did in Milan.

Caoi caoi