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In Barcelona - Internet!

Having arrived in barcelona earlier, we wandered around for a bit and got some lunch. Pushy restaurants trying to push paella down our throats. Went around the beach and stuff before getting the metro to our hostel which is actually really cool.

My phone battery has died for a bit so I’m no longer posting a billion and one things to the status update anymore. Found some WiFi though.

Update of the holiday:

Italy (Bergamo) - a million steps up to the hostel but at the hostel was a guy from spanish, Aussie guy and Nigel/vienna guy. Successfully got out of Italy with just ‘ciao’, ‘si’ and grazie. The airport was crap but the view was nice. Not much to do as we were only there for less than 12 hours.

Germany (Trier) - Don’t mention the war. No idea how to pronounce it, but it was a nice place. Seen the oldest and largest Roman something this side of the Alps. No idea what it was but we did find that German beer is quite nice. The fact that you also get table service in a bar was also good. We named our barmaid Jenny (think she took pity on us) whilst we were out in the evening. Went back and probably woke up loads because it was too quiet. Their own fault, really. Laptop girl probably deserved it.