Jonathon Bolster

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Barcelona - Day 2

Just sitting on the beach in Barcelona, after having some paella and sangria at a restaurant along the sea front. We were going to get some last night but got to all the restaurants too early (food gets served from 9ish) so ended up just getting a pizza. The hostel was really nice and very active with loads of people up around 1am (just after the night swim!). Chatted away to Brazilian Guy for a bit before going back to the room where we shared with the Germans: Mine and Yours (don’t mention the war). Had a conversation with them that spanned 3 languages (German, Spanish and English) but that was about it. Nice American girl and Moody American guy checked into our room whilst we were checking out. Did leave them a wee note that said we’ll miss them - hopefully Moody American guy doesn’t take it the wrong way.

Spent today going around all the concerts that appear to be going on around Barcelona with the millions of pigeons in the square. Then decided to find a big tiled lizard. Apparently it was only a few hundred meters from the metro but took ages and just had a dozen or so escalators for just getting up the hill. Did manage to get in a billion photos of others though, so well worth it. After that, got back to the seafront for the food (San Miguel so remembered us from yesterday) then dandered to the beach. And that’s where we are now. Don’t really have enough time to go see Maggie again though, which is a bit if a pity but it’s about time that we should be getting to the bus station!